A Little Bit About Us

Welcome to Keener Books Online Bookstore

Keener Books is an exclusively online bookdealer, located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the southwest side of Lake Michigan.

You do not need an ID or Password to search, browse, or buy our books. An ID and Password are required only when you use our automatic Check-Out function. If you don't want to set up an ID and Password - Just e-mail, or call, us with your desired books and the pertinent information.


What We Provide

We specialize in books relating to food, fine dining and entertainment, although we also carry books in many other subjects, mostly non-fiction. We seek out and add to our shelves the hard-to-find, scarce, and usually out-of-print books, and continue to add hundreds of additional books each week.


Photos Displayed of Books In Our Room

All of the photos shown are actual pictures of our books. We do not use stock images. What you see is what you receive.

Our Book Descriptions

* AS NEW = Same Condition as when the book was published 
* FINE = Close to AS NEW, but lacking the crispness. Minor defects (such as a short tear on dustjacket edge) are noted in the book's description
* VERY GOOD = Used book that displays small signs of wear
* GOOD = Describes the average used book with signs of wear. Significant defects are noted in the book's description
* EX-LIBRARY = copies are always noted as such, with all defects noted and described.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Keener Books takes pride in our books and our service, and we want to make certain you are satisfied as well. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase or the service you receive, please contact us so we can make it right. Please refer to our Returns Policy.

If you are pleased with your books and service received, please let us know. We love to hear from our long term, repeat customers.


Customer Comments

“I was pleasantly surprised to receive the package (in Belgium) just 7 days after ordering, in the condition as described. I will gladly do business again with Keener Books if the occasion should arise. - - Hans (Belgium)


“Keener Books delivered in a timely fashion, very well packaged with both a poly-sleeve surrounding the book and dust cover, as well as bubble-wrap between the book and the cardboard mailing container. The book ordered was in even better condition than I anticipated for a 1981 edition-virtually perfect! Would definitely use Keener again. My wife will be very pleased on Christmas!” - - Chip (Maryland)


“I received the cookbook today! WONDERFUL!!! It's in absolutely gorgeous shape! I couldn't have wished for anything better when I ordered this...truly. I'm so excited to have this 'back'. It was wonderfully packaged and obviously you took great care and I thank you so much for making this available. Rest assured, this will not be my last purchase from you. I look forward to doing business with you again...hopefully very soon” - - Shawna (Utah)


“My book arrived in the mail today ____. I am very impressed with the way it was packaged and the condition of the book. Thank you so much for the effort you have made to ensure the book arrived in such good condition. I delighted to have such a great book on my bookshelves. - - Max (Australia)


“I just got back home today and was so pleased to find the last two books I had ordered. They are in terrific condition, now my sister (twin) will have a set that is in better condition than mine - not a problem, I'm happy that she will be able to have a copy of something so dear to my Mom during our growing years. You are a wonderful source and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your attention to each order with such care.” - - Sharon (Massachusetts)


“Last weekend I was visiting my mother in the ____ area, when she pulled out what amounts to a stack of tattered pages, rubber-banded together, that only vaguely resembled the ____ cookbook it once was, and that I just ordered. I can't begin to imagine how many people have been served up the recipes in that book (I come from a family of 16 children, not to mention in-laws, grand-and-great-grand-children by the way), and my mother told me in so many words that the ____ is pretty much her bible in the kitchen. I can't wait to see the look on her face when I present it to her! Thanks for your quick turn around and excellent customer service.” - - Paul (New York)


“Your cookbook arrived in excellent condition (VERY well packed!). I know my daughter will be thrilled to receive it. Her old copy had worn out, and she hoped I might find a new one for her. Thanks to you, I have indeed. I shall keep your e-mail on hand in case of similar needs (I have another daughter who also cooks). Thank you for the book, and your e-mail.” - - Mary (New York)


“It was such a pleasant surprise to receive such a beautiful book! Your packing was bullet proof (which is a very good thing)! I book marked your site, and passed your address on to my son. Thank you,” - - Julie (California)


“I received the book you sent yesterday and I am thrilled with it. You see, my original copy from 1970 was stolen from me by a storm called Katrina. I have used this cookbook more that any other is all my many years of cooking and hope someday to pass it on to my daughter. I will enjoy going through it again and marking my favorite recipes. Thank you for your prompt response to my purchase. It is a great pleasure doing business with you and I will be contacting you again in the future for other purchases as I am known in the family as the "book junkie". Thank you again for your helping me to acquire another old friend.” - - Sylvia (Louisiana)


“Excellent customer service! The book arrived in the time promised, and in EXCELLENT condition. I would absolutely purchase more items through Keener Books.” - - Erin (California) “The ______ Cook Book I ordered last Thursday arrived this morning. Thank You does not say how thrilled my wife and I were to receive it in such wonderful condition and in such a timely manner. My wife literally shook as I carefully opened the package and unpacked it. She shed tears of joy and today I am a hero, hehe. I will most definitely check with Keener Books on any further books we are trying to find or replace. Thank You again, you have made a woman very happy and gained a long time customer.” - - Bob (Illinois)